Rico Family Enterprise was established in 2015 by the founder, Mr, Muhammad Aneel bin Salleh. Mr. Aneel got his Bachelor in Mechatronic Engineering from Polytechnic Johor Bahru on 2010. Then, he continued his study in Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering at University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) until 2015. He has over than 7 years of experience in printing and advertising field which he started as a part-timer production crew and sales officer in previous company duringt his study. Although he is only a part-timer, he already got the trust to manage big projects from big companies.

On 2015, Mr. Aneel has made a great decision. He already decided to start his
own company which is Rico Family Enterprise which is focusing on textile
sublimation. Reason why he chose textile sublimation is due to high demand from
customer. Start as an online shop with no employees, they have upgrade their
business to a double story shop with 2 employees. With that upgrade, Rico Family
continues to bring the best services to our clients by using the latest technology in the
market. In Rico Family, Mr. Aneel held a position as Managing Director where he
responsible in planning, organizing, managing, leading, coordinating and monitoring
the business to make sure that the product’s quality are sustained.

On 27 February 2019, He made a leap in his business where he upgraded the
business to sdn bhd and rename the company as Rico Legacy Sdn. Bhd. With this
upgrade, Mr Aneel has come up with many plans and goals to achieve in the future.


RICO adalah jenama pakaian yang membantu ATLET dan ANDA yang mempunyai GAYA HIDUP AKTIF untuk tampil dengan lebih selesa dan berbeza dari rekagrafik yang sedia ada. Tidak seperti jenama pakaian yang lain, RICO SPORTS memberikan fabrik pakaian yang berkualiti tinggi, lembut dan mempunyai daya ketahanan yang tinggi.

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