Rico Family Enterprise was established in 2016 by Mr. Muhammad Aneel bin
Salleh, the founder and Mrs. Hawa. Mr. Aneel or Director is a degree holder in
Mechanical Engineering at University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). Prior to
this, he studied at Polytechnic Johor Bahru in Mechatronic Engineering. Upon 2015,
He has 7 years of working in printing industry. He started his first experience in
printing sector during his studies life as a production crew and also as an sales officer
at a printing company with RM 1,000 as basic earning, From there he gained all the
knowledge and experiences in printing sector. He know what is the procedure for each
printing, type of finishing, material and others.

Mr. Aneel and Puan Hawa then got married during the last semester of his studies and with RM 1,000 as his earning per month to pay for rents, bills and expenses, they cannot even feed themselves. With the determination to make sure they can live properly, Puan Hawa later on came up with an idea to sell sausage rolls across UTHM. With the profit they earned, it really helped them with their daily lives.
During semester break, they cannot sell the sausage roll and at that time landlord tell them that they have to move out from the house. At that time, they have no money to find a new house. In the midst of the hectic situation, Puan Hawa suggests that they should make kufi’s art. Within one week, they able to collect enough money to rent new house.

At some point, they know they cannot continue the kufi because it is too loud and noisy to continue the production as they made it inside their house. During that time, He was a Softball’s Captain for UTHM. His team asked him to make a new jersey for the team. After he already found the supplier, he deals with them and from that he
easily makes profit from sublimation. This is the trigger point for them to make online business out of sublimation. With the drive to become rich, they work hard to find many clients and after few months, clients start to ask if they have any sample for them to look at. Every business will grow and they cannot support the growth by
staying as online business. After a lot of discussion, they decided to open up an enterprise where they can continue their business with Rico Family Enterprise. Now, we have expanded more and upgrade our business to sdn bhd, Rico Legacy Sdn. Bhd. on 27.2.2019.



RICO adalah jenama pakaian yang membantu ATLET dan ANDA yang mempunyai GAYA HIDUP AKTIF untuk tampil dengan lebih selesa dan berbeza dari rekagrafik yang sedia ada. Tidak seperti jenama pakaian yang lain, RICO SPORTS memberikan fabrik pakaian yang berkualiti tinggi, lembut dan mempunyai daya ketahanan yang tinggi.

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